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Below is a list of bills that ISFCA is currently working on. 


Bill No.
Last Action
 S1329Time sensitive emergencies 03/12/2014 Senate - Reported enrolled; signed by President; to House for signature of SpeakerNo position at this time.  Board is in discussion with many parties and districts. 
 S1345Water, releases/diversions 02/11/2014 Senate - Reported Printed; referred to Resources & Environment Support
 H0539Exploding targets  This bill took over for H0414
02/21/2014 House - Reported Printed and Referred to Resources & Conservation
 H0414Exploding targets 01/27/2014 House - Reported Printed and Referred to Resources & Conservation Support
 H0487Labor negotiations/exec session 02/27/2014 Senate - Introduced, read first time; referred to: State AffairsSupport 
 H0560Local governmental entities 03/19/2014 House - Returned Signed by the President; Ordered Transmitted to Governor Support  
 H0523Audit Reporting  - This bill is replacing bills 474 and 49602/19/2014 House - Reported Printed and Referred to Revenue & Taxation Support 
 H0496 Local govt entities, audits02/18/2014 House - Referred to Revenue & Taxation Opposed, sent letter to committee for revisions
 H0474 Local government entities 02/07/2014 House - Reported Printed and Referred to Revenue & TaxationOpposed, sent letter to committee for revisions
Worker's compensation, firefighters

03/12/2014 House - Read First Time, Referred to Commerce & Human Resources
OPE should study this issue.  It only covers professional firefighters.  A letter has been drafted and sent to the committee and membership. 

ISFCA’s Legislative Committee has been working with legislatures the past couple of months to draft legislation that will benefit all fire districts.  Below are the updates.

  1. Idaho Statute 31-1410A – giving the districts of Idaho the ability to go from a (5) five member board back down to a (3) three member board.  We have received a lot of feedback from districts that find it difficult to find board members to fill all (5) five seats and asked us to work with the legislature to have this changed.
  2. Idaho Statute 31-1408 - Subdistricts – dropping the “county” restriction when trying to obtain fire commissioners and go based off population and area.  A lot of districts are finding it difficult to obtain fire commissioners in small counties and this will give them the ability to fill their board.
  3. Idaho Statute 31-1420 - Selling of property – Currently the board would have to obtain a “certified appraiser” to appraise items worth more than $10,000.   We are having a bill drafted that would take out “certified” since there aren’t any certified appraisers for fire equipment.  We have also asked that the “appraiser” be refrained from purchasing any item that they or their company have appraised.


ISFCA is working very hard to make sure fire districts are heard and can keep protecting life and property.


Please make sure to contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns.  If you have contacts that can help ISFCA in the legislature, please keep us informed. 


We will keep you up to date as soon as we hear anything.  You can track each of these bills at